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About our Company

Retail Solutions is a Delaware Company which was founded in 2002 to provide professional advisory and consulting services in key areas of retail and to assist companies in developing their chain store concepts. We specialize our services in a number of financial and operational areas for retail chain stores as well as their investors (banks, private equity, investment funds, venture capital, etc) as well as provide a broad range of other retail consulting services tailored to our clients specific issues and needs.

Our entire team are highly skilled retail experts and having 10 to 15 years or more of retail industry experience throughout the US, Europe, and Russia. We also have a broad range of methodologies in order to assist us with our work. We specialize in multi-national, multi-store global chains and have consulted extensively throughout Central Europe including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, India, Montenegro, Ukraine as well as the USA.

Our team is based throughout Central Europe with a focus on Central European Countries. We are also affiliated with other big 4 and first rate research and consulting firms should there be a need to expand into other areas outside our expertise. The key differentiation between Retail Solutions and other big name, high priced consulting firms is that WE PRODUCE CLEAR, MEASURABLE and FOCUSED RESULTS without the high costs…for you, our client.

Retail Solutions – “Making complicated issues come into focus”.

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